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Waifus and women's football – what more could you ask for?


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1 अप्रै. 2020

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Venus Eleven is a fun game that perfectly fuses dating and football games. All joined together through a story full of mystery and humor in the world of anime.

In Venus Eleven you play the coach of a women's football team who, after an accident, wakes up in a hospital with complete memory loss. Her assistant, who has never left her side for a moment, insists that she go back to coaching the team as she's convinced that will help her beat the amnesia.

While you're remembering who you are, you've got the opportunity to coach a team of girls: organize the trainings, give orders during the matches, keep them motivated with sweets and chocolates, and heal her injuries by taking her to a reliable physiotherapist. Meanwhile your players' popularity will increase at not only the sporting but also the social level. Your mission is to make them keep their head in the game and not get distracted by their social lives.

You can level up each of your players, distributing their skills by level of experience and strengths and making the team a powerhouse of women's football.

Venus Eleven is a dynamic game that's fun and has extraordinary production values. It's also got spectacular graphics that will delight any lover of anime or women's football.
Victoria Borrás द्वारा समीक्षित

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1 अप्रै. 2020
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1.00.05 10 अक्टू. 2019
1.00.00 1 अग. 2019

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